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Biography / Exhibitions

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Solo Exhibition

2018  The Flow of Time (Gallery Le DECO)

2013  Mind Labyrinth (Gallery Le DECO)

2013  Addiction(Gamuso)

2012  Shadow in the City (Indor)

2012  The Light of Dawn (Ele Gareno)

2011  Symphony of Light & Darkness (Gallery Le DECO)

2007 The Path to Eternal Hope (Gallery Machikado)

2003 Out of the Rules (Gallery LeDECO)

1999 From Chaos to Nature (Gallery B-one)

Overseas Exhibition 

2021 Art Shopping (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France)

2019 Art 3F (Brussels, Belgium)

2019 ADAF (World Fashion Center, Amsterdam, Holland)

2019 Solo Show ( Le Serment d'Hippolyte, Paris, France)

2019 Group Show ( Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris, France)

2019 Art Shopping ( Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France)

2018 Art Shopping ( Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France)

2017 Art Shopping (Solo booth, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France)

2017 Move Tasmania Vol.2 (The Barn at Rosny Farm, Tasmania)

2017  Art Expo New York (Supported by JCAA Pier 94, New York, U.S.A.)

2017  Milan Biennial of Art 2017 (Mad Gallery Milano,Milano, Italy)

2016  Art Shopping (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France)

2016  Move Tasmania Japanese Art Selection (The Barn at Rosny Farm, Tasmania)

2016  Move in Berlin ( Kunstgalerie Prinz, Berlin, Germany)

2015  Move in Shanghai ( 上海風月舎画廊, Shanghai, China)

2015  Salon Art Shopping (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France)

2015  Move in N.Y.( Caelum Gallery, N.Y., U.S.A.)

2015  Select Fair (Center 548, N.Y., U.S.A.)

2015  Move in Berlin ( Kunstgalerie Prinz, Berlin, Germany)

2014  Salon Art Shopping (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France)

2013  Red Dot Art Fair (supported by Edel / Miami, U.S.A.)

2012  Surface (The Bricklane Gallery The Annex/ London, U.K.)

2011 Parallax Art Fair (La Galleria Royal Opera Arcade/ London, U.K.)

2011 Art Collection in Sydney(Tom Dunne Gallery/ Sydney, Australia)

2010 AJAC Japan & China Contemporary art show (China Three Gorges Museum / Chongqing ,China)

2007 Mono no Aware Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition (Gallery 24/ New York, U.S.A) 

2006 Sommerwende International Arts Festival (Gallery 24/ Berlin, Germany)

2000 Young Art Japan 2000 (The Golding Gallery / New York, U.S.A)  

Group Exhibition

2021  Tokyo Art Tank Vol.4 ( Gallery Mosto, Tokyo)

2021  Tokyo International Art Fair ( Kobun Gallery, Tokyo)

2020  Dream Histoire ( O Art Museum in Osaki)

2017  Fairy Show (Galerie La, Tokyo)

2016  Dreams – 8 Fantasy Artists Exhibition (Gallery Art Point, Tokyo)

2016  Charity exhibition for Kumamoto ( Galerie La, Tokyo)

2016  Dream Histoire ( O Art Museum in Osaki)

2016  Transnational Art ( Enokojima Art Culture and Creative Center, Osaka, Japan)

2014  Dream Histoire ( O Art Museum in Osaki)

2014  Marimba of an Exhibition produced by Takayoshi Yoshioka ( Ehonjyuku Hall in Yotsuya)

2013  Group Art Show (Gamuso, Tokyo)

2012  Group Art Show (Gamuso, Tokyo)

2012  Autumn Night Fusion (Crawfish)

2012  Tribal Rock Vol.8 – “Rock meets Art” (Crawfish)

2012  May Group Show(The Pink Cow)

2012  Power of Women (The Pink Cow)

2011  Miki & Yoko Meguro Sister’s Art Exhibition ( The Pink Cow)

2011 Indor Exhibition (Italian Restaurant Indor supported by Ai Create)

2010 Winter Lights (The Pink Cow)

2010 Land of the Rising Stars (The Pink Cow)

2010 Contemporary Art Show (ART BOX Gellery)

2009 Meguro Family Art Collaboration Show (Gallery LeDECO)

2002 Asian Century (Chuwa gallery)

2002 ZEROCK'N EMISSION (On Air Nest)

2001 Contemporary Art Flea Market(Sudo Museum)

2001 Artist In (Artist In)

1999 Artist Building (Aruks Gallery)

1999 Charity Art Exhibition (Gallery Space Pause)

1998 Unvisual Power (Greeting square)

1998 To The World 98 (Gallery Space Pause)

1998 Summer Colorful (Aruks Gallery)



2019  Red Winter Arts Fes. 2019 ( Gyoen Rosso, Tokyo)

2017  Cusine for the Cure organized by Run for the cure foundation (Italian embassy, Tokyo)

2017  Tokyo International Art Fair 3rd (Hikarie, Tokyo)

2016  Make Love, it’s the only way No.6 & No.8- Music & Art & Fashion (Gyoen Rosso 198, Tokyo)

2014 April Tribal Rock x Miki Meguro Art Festival '14

2013 Mar. The Go Girls Tokyo (The Juke Joint)

2012 Nov. Japan Fetish Ball ( Christon Café Tokyo)

2012 Oct. Gamuso Closing Party with Beat Jackers

2012 Oct. Autumn Night Fusion (Crawfish) with Adam Sullivan, Martin Leroux, Rob De

2012 Sep. Gamuso Opening Party with Adam Sullivan

2012 Aug. Tribal Rock Vol.8 – “Rock meets Art at Tokyo’s coolest live venue (Crawfish)

with Inside Neon, Tits, Tats and Whiskers, Die By Forty, Mana Hardcore & Matin Leroux

2012 Jul. Shadow in the City Reception Party with Rich Loffman (Inside Neon) , Mana Hardcore

2011 Love & Hope (Pink Cow) 

Regular Group Show

2004, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012  J.I.A.C. (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum),

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2010 AJAC (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

Event: Design Festa, The Pink Cow Japan Fetish Ball, etc



2014 June Acting / Alien Registration: A Story of Life in Transience (Gari Gari, Tokyo)


1997 Graduated from Musashino Art University



Business Guide 98 Oct No.509

Front Page:Life in the space


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P42: Rising entity 2003


NAMA Vol.1 Metamorphoses



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Event Guide:Introduction of an Exhibition “The Path to Eternal Hope”


Daily Sun Dec.7, 2007

NY The latest event information:Mono no Aware

Hiragana Times 2009 Oct. No.276

“The Illusion led by losing”


Art Box Vol.8 Contemporary Art

Wish for Our Time

C’DE L’ART No14 Octobre 2019

Interview: P38-40