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Collaboration Works /Events

Love to collaborate with musicians, photographer and the other creaters!If you're interested in, please text me!

Here's the video I shot on Kozu Beach in Kanagawa for "Pacific Storm" by Rich Loffman.

Video Credits:
Directed & Edited by Rich Loffman
Video & Photography by Miki Meguro

Rich Loffman: Transparent God
 "Here is the first released track from 'Volcanoes Close Airports'. This is the closing track on the album. It's about...well, you decide what it's about. Thanks to Miki Meguro for the artwork."


 2009/12/15 - 12/20 Meguro Family Exhibition - Surreal residents

Place: Gallery Le DECO in Shibuya, Tokyo


2007/11/28-12/10  Mono no aware Japanese contemporary art exhibition at Gallery 24

 This is the show I organized.

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