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A tree is my main theme since 1995. A tree is the symbol of life for me. The roots grow deeper in the ground, the branches grow up to the sky. I want people to live like an energetic tree, going through many paths like branches of the tree.

"Survive 2020"

Mixed media, size: 652mm x 530mm

"Graceful Strength"

Mixed media 606mmx500mm 2018

" Truth"

Mixed media 606mmx500mm 2017

" The Captive of the Current Society"

Mixed media 530×455mm 2014

"Harmony of memories "

Mixed media 910mm×727mm 2010

" Wish for Our Time"

Acrylic on board 1303mm×894mm 2009

"New Birth"

Oil on canvas, 1455mm×1120mm, 1998

" It's been inside"

Oil on canvas, 1620mm x 1303mm, 1997 

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